•Our firm is engaged in rendering a superior quality gamut of Canisters to the clients at nominal rates. These exist in the gas masks, which possess filters for preventing the toxic agents in the air from entering the body. As per IS:15323:2003 Approved. The canister container are produced from virgin grade polypropylene. Filter can be used in combination with full face-piece V-666.Standard thread for 5000ppm.Use of impregnated granular activated carbon

•GAC helps in chemisorption of the contaminants. GAC is impregnated with certain chemicals. Packed in a special technique to avoid air gap, which enables optimal use of the filter
•Ensures reliability in a contaminated environment with uncompromising quality
Available for:
•Organic Vapors
•Inorganic Vapors
•Acid Gases
•Ammonia Gas
•Combinational (For all types of gases)

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