•Bright Medi-Weld Appliance introduces full Stainless Steel (Grade:SS 304) light weight Vaporizer with  999 grade detachable copper coil.The copper coil is  12mtrs long ( As Per PPQS/Australian Quarantine). The thickness of copper coil is 16-gauge.The outer diameter is 12mm.All points on the coil are silver brazed. The S.S. tank points are argon welded which ensures safe operations even at high temperatures. Heat resistance handle so that you can lift the Vaporizer safely.
•The heater is of 2KW (IS Approved) & heating time is only 15 minutes
•Led display indicates the On & OFF of the Thermostat.The circuit is protected with S.S. 304 covering
•Overall dimension of Vaporizer is as follows : W X H dimension =10inches X 10 inches which makes it compact
•Test certificate for the coil is issued : The copper coil is AIR TESTED at 1000psi. *2
•The copper coil is hydraulically tested at 2000psi.

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